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The Lord Told Me – I Think!

Posted on May 16, 2014 in Communication, Spiritual Formation, Spiritual Gifts | 6 comments

by Gary Gilley – In a newsletter published by a conservative Baptist denomination, a story is presented concerning one of its members.  Deployed in Iraq, this middle aged soldier revealed that often, as he wrestles with problems of various types, “God just reveals the answer to me.”  A leader from his church back home also claims to have heard from the Lord.  “The Lord told me,” he says, “that this young man is going to be known as a builder, not a destroyer in Iraq.”  So far his prophecy seems to have come true for, although the soldier has been involved in combat, his “day job” is to rebuild schools and water treatment plants.   Recently I received an e-mail from a gentleman who wrote, “Jesus has commanded me through the Holy Spirit to teach people how to pray,...

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What Am I Missing On Cessationism?

Posted on Dec 10, 2013 in Holy Spirit, Spiritual Gifts | 6 comments

by Henry Vosburgh – I grant that the opening query is one of rhetoric. Let me explain. Over the last few years, I have either read or heard men in ministry challenge the view of cessation – especially regarding sign gifts – due to a fear that is created from a range of causes, some of which have been:   Fear of limiting God Fear of being too definitive when Scripture (as is supposed) is not definitive Fear of disagreeing with high profile speakers / writers / professors / etc. Fear of narrowing the field of ecclesiastical fellowship, partnership, cooperation, etc.   Whether I have been having a casual discussion with brothers over lunch, or having more formal interactions in other contexts, it has yet not to amaze me that I have become a theological dinosaur by maintaining a...

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Finding and Following God’s Will, Part 2

Posted on Nov 12, 2013 in Discipleship, Spiritual Formation, Spiritual Gifts | 0 comments

by Steve Spurlin – In my last post I began putting forth my understanding of and belief in the idea that the sign gifts of the first century have ceased in this dispensation, a belief known as cessationism.  This belief includes the understanding that the canon of Scripture is complete and closed.  I ended my last post with my presuppositions, which include the following:   The God of the Bible exists and is knowable He has spoken The Bible is the record of His speaking In speaking He has revealed His will Since He has revealed His will He must desire that we know it Since He desires that we know His will His message must be comprehensible (He is God after all) Therefore, we can know His will His will is found in Scripture In this post I...

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You, the Specialist

Posted on Oct 28, 2013 in Discipleship, Spiritual Gifts | 0 comments

by Daniel Goepfrich – We live in a world that celebrates specialists. It seems that nearly every industry has an infinite number of areas with people who specialize in just that area. Now that doesn’t mean they can do nothing else. It means that they have chosen to focus their time and energy to do one thing well, instead of trying to do everything and doing it poorly. Sports, law, medicine, writing, building, teaching, the arts, technology…and those just are the obvious ones. If you were to start your own business, the opportunities are endless! “But,” you might say, “I could never be a specialist. I don’t have the right credentials. I’m just a regular person. Specialists are, well, special.” The sad truth is that many people — possibly including you — have bought into that lie. In fact,...

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They Call Me Pastor

Posted on Oct 24, 2013 in Leadership, Love, Spiritual Gifts | 2 comments

by Steve Spurlin – My children and I started taking classes in a form of martial arts geared toward mixed martial arts some time ago.  We have a great time doing it and it is good exercise.  We also have developed a great love and report with the people at United Martial Arts in Lubbock, TX.  Coach Ian Lee, Cory Johnson, and DJ Clark and all the others at the gym have become important people in our lives and we love them very much.  It is from them that I got the new name.  Shortly after we started at UMA coach Lee and the others at the gym began calling me pastor.  Now, every time I see them that’s what they call me. I like the fact that they call me pastor.  I haven’t always felt comfortable with the...

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Hermeneutics, Spiritual Gifts, and Strange Fire

Posted on Oct 22, 2013 in Bible Exegesis/Exposition, Hermeneutics, History, Holy Spirit, News, Spiritual Gifts, Theology | 0 comments

by Christopher Cone – Presented to the 2013 Council on Dispensational Hermeneutics as “Dispensationalism’s Feet of Iron Mixed With Clay: How We Arrived at an “Open-But-Cautious” View on Non-Cessationism   ABSTRACT  We owe a tremendous debt to many traditional dispensationalists who labored to blaze trails more Biblical than those of their forefathers. Still, we must refine the system for an increasingly more Biblical understanding. To that end, this paper has three concerns. First, it explores dispensationalism’s concurrent dissatisfaction with non–literal eschatology and contentment with thomistic and reformed (hereafter, TR) platforms in soteriology and ecclesiology. Due to historical sympathy toward these platforms, we have failed to fully deconstruct our theology and reconstruct from a hermeneutically sound Biblical perspective. Consequently, our systematic theology is not univocally systematic or Biblical, but rather is an amalgamation of broadly informed historical systems. Second, as...

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