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God Particle: Is It The End Of Theism?

Posted on Jan 15, 2014 in Education, News, Science | 15 comments

by Johnson C. Philip – The recent announcement that Peter Higgs and Francois Englert have been awarded the Noble Prize for the discovery of the so-called God Particle has created much commotion and discussion worldwide on God-particle. I counted not less than 5 million probable entries in the search engines today on this topic. Critics and opponents of theism were quick to seize upon the news that the so-called God Particle has been discovered at CERN, Geneva and that as a result the proponents of this particle were awarded the Noble Prize in 2013. They then went on to claim that man has finally discovered the particle of all particles, the one that has given birth to the Universe – thus labelled the God Particle, according to them. They declared that the materialistic origin of the Universe has finally...

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A Young Earth and God’s Alleged Deception

Posted on Oct 28, 2013 in Creation, Evolution, Science | 1 comment

by Mike Stallard – Before I took the turn in my life into Christian ministry as a pastor and seminary educator, I was an aerospace engineer.  I worked on the space shuttle briefly as an intern as a senior in college (back before they built it).  I did most of my work on missile defense systems and especially the F-16 jet fighter.  I have a largely intellectual approach to my faith and have never relinquished my love for scientific method and the field of the sciences in particular.  Early on in my Christian life I became convinced of the young earth approach to harmonizing the Bible and so-called scientific discoveries and teachings.  I have always believed that I can do that with a clear conscience and without surrendering my mind and rational thought. While I was a seminary student at Liberty...

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