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Developing Joy as a Father

Posted on Nov 4, 2013 in Manhood, Parenting, Priorities | 0 comments

by Christopher Cone – “I have no greater joy than this, to hear of my children walking in the truth.” With these words from his third letter (3 John 4), John shows us what fatherhood is really all about. He underscores the endgame for fathers, and it is much simpler than we often consider – that our children walk in the truth. For a father, there is no greater joy. It is worth noting that John was probably talking about his children in the faith – those he had taught and trained up in Christ. It is encouraging to know that even for those who don’t have biological children there is still tremendous opportunity and need for spiritual fathers who will guide and help shape young believers. In his first letter John gives us a clue about how we can...

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How to Fail Well: A Warning to Pastors

Posted on Nov 1, 2013 in Church and Ministry, Marriage, Parenting, Priorities, Success | 0 comments

by Christopher Cone – As I stand in front of students at the beginning of a pastoral class, I write on a whiteboard four words in no particular order: children, God, church, and wife. I ask them a simple question: “Are any of you perfect?” My absurd question is met with the smirks and snickers it deserves. “So you are going to fail somewhere along the line, right?” More smirks. Not so many snickers. “So pick one. Where are you going to fail? Are you going to fail as a father to your children? Are you going to fail in your relationship with God? Are you going to fail as a husband? Or will you fail in your pastoral role in the church?” The smirks are gone now, replaced with pained looks of concern. The reality of the challenge...

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