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A Proposal to Reform the Wedding Service in Bible-Believing Churches

Posted on Jul 10, 2014 in Culture, Marriage | 0 comments

by Charlie Clough – Originally published as “RESPONDING TO GOVERNMENT’S DECLARATION THAT “MARRIAGE” IS MERELY A SOCIAL CONSTRUCT: A Proposal to Reform the Wedding Service in Bible-Believing Churches” in Journal of Dispensational Theology, Spring. 2014. Due to a very successful crusade waged by certain activists, the traditional Judeo-Christian concept of marriage as a divinely designed relationship exclusively between one man and one woman has been virtually criminalized. Expression of that concept in the public square — whether in school, in government agencies (including the military), and in business — now meets with overwhelming disdain and even judicial punishment. Underlying this action by civil authorities is the assumption that marriage is merely a social construct that can and ought to be changed in response to public opinion. Therefore, two mutually contradictory notions of marriage — a mutable social construct and an immutable divine...

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A Look at Depression Through the Lens of Scripture

Posted on Nov 12, 2013 in Hope, Love, Marriage, Philosophy, Prayer, Priorities, Spiritual Formation, Success, Worldview | 0 comments

by Gary Gilley – The man sitting before me would not respond to my questions. He sat, motionless, staring at the floor. That he had been under a great deal of stress was a fact known to all who loved him, but that he was this close to the “edge” surprised us all. Soon he would find himself on the psych ward of a local hospital, medicated and undergoing both individual and group counseling. Unfortunately his life would never be the same. He had come to this state of deep (what some would call “clinical”) depression because of unbiblical and sinful choices that he had been making in his life. Even though he would overcome his depression, the counseling he received reinforced and validated these choices. He would ultimately leave his wife and child, drop out of the church and pursue...

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How to Fail Well: A Warning to Pastors

Posted on Nov 1, 2013 in Church and Ministry, Marriage, Parenting, Priorities, Success | 0 comments

by Christopher Cone – As I stand in front of students at the beginning of a pastoral class, I write on a whiteboard four words in no particular order: children, God, church, and wife. I ask them a simple question: “Are any of you perfect?” My absurd question is met with the smirks and snickers it deserves. “So you are going to fail somewhere along the line, right?” More smirks. Not so many snickers. “So pick one. Where are you going to fail? Are you going to fail as a father to your children? Are you going to fail in your relationship with God? Are you going to fail as a husband? Or will you fail in your pastoral role in the church?” The smirks are gone now, replaced with pained looks of concern. The reality of the challenge...

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Q & A: Is God a Polygamist?

Posted on Oct 25, 2013 in Hermeneutics, Israel, Marriage | 0 comments

by George Gunn – Q: One question posed by opponents of Dispensationalism is the question of two brides. “If the church is the bride, how does Israel relate as it is different and separate.” How does that NOT make two brides? A: OK, Good question. Yes, a similar metaphor is used for both Israel and the Church. The OT refers several times to Israel as Yahweh’s “wife,” thus the relationship between Yahweh and Israel is a close, loving relationship well pictured under the metaphor of marriage. Also, Israel’s unfaithfulness to Yahweh amounts to a despicable sin, tantamount to harlotry and adultery. But remember, these are metaphors. In the NT, the Church is described as the “bride” of Christ. Again, an apt metaphor for the close, loving relationship between Christ and the Church. But the focus of the metaphor seems...

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