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The Christian’s Motivation for Serving God

Posted on Jan 10, 2014 in Discipleship, Humility, Jesus, teachings of, Priorities, Spiritual Formation | 2 comments

by Charlie Bing – Why do Christians serve God? Why should Christians live a godly life? At one time or another most believers have probably questioned their motives for service and godly living. The purpose of this study is to explore motivations for Christian service and godly living by looking at biblical data. The study will focus chiefly on the Christian’s motivation for serving and actively living for God because there are less discernible passive forms of doing God’s will (abstaining from evil for example). But to press forward in godly disciplines and to serve God sacrificially calls for effective motivations. One can not really separate godly living from godly service. Christian service is the subject of this study because serious questions about motivation come when confronted with the demands and sacrifices required by it. Such service includes any ministry, be...

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Have an Ordinary New Year!

Posted on Jan 1, 2014 in Humility, Priorities, Success | 2 comments

by Christopher Cone – Highlights. We are addicted to highlights. We subject ourselves to a continuous media stream telling us what is noteworthy and what isn’t. Is it re-tweetworthy? Is it worth a share or a status update? We have come to value style over substance and flash over fundamentals. Of course, nothing is inherently wrong with highlights, style, or flash, but when these captivate our attention fully, we are in trouble. We can quickly lose our appreciation for and connection to ordinary. We have teachers and teachings advocating a kind of Christianity that is radical and a kind of love that is crazy. They tell us we should consider the status quo an enemy and fight to enjoy our best life now, and to make sure we are driven full throttle by purpose.  We begin to place ourselves...

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The Temptations of Obscurity: A Christmas Example

Posted on Dec 24, 2013 in Humility, Jesus, teachings of | 0 comments

by Jeff Heslop – God has designed many testings in the Christian life.  By these testings, God means to build the character of the believer into a greater likeness of Christ.  One of these testings is obscurity.  By obscurity I mean a lack of appreciation in one’s own Christian work.  The Christian who labors hard for the sake of Christ and yet appears to receive little appreciation or recognition may become discouraged or even bitter.  This testing plays on the human frailty that seeks personal significance.  And many seem to fail the test. Dr. C.I. Scofield described this testing, along with two others, when he wrote an assessment of D.L. Moody as an evangelist.  D.L. Moody was born Feb 5, 1837, born again in 1856, and died on Dec 22, 1899.  Some consider him the greatest evangelist of the...

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