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What is the 1024 Project?

The 1024 Project is a collaboration of Christian leaders, based on Hebrews 10:24 – “and let us consider ways to stimulate one another to love and good deeds.” One way we can accomplish this mandate is by working together to provide encouraging and edifying resources on issues that arise in the lives of individual believers and in corporate church life. The 1024 Project is a clearinghouse of teaching, resources and information from likeminded leaders of Biblical churches, who are committed to Two Key Distinctives:

First, the Bible (the Hebrew Bible and Greek New Testament) is the inspired, inerrant (in the original manuscripts), revealed word of God, and is authoritative and sufficient for the equipping of saints for every good work.

Second, the Bible provides the model for its own interpretation, and should be understood in its natural (literal grammatical-historical) sense, considering context and the progress of revelation. The 1024 Project and its members are committed to the consistent application of the literal grammatical-historical method for understanding the entire Bible.

These Two Key Distinctives have some obvious implications. One implication worth noting here is that the 1024 Project means by “considering context and the progress of revelation” that the earlier Biblical texts provide grounding and definition for later Biblical texts, and not the other way around (the OT is not to be reinterpreted by the NT, rather the NT is to be understood in light of the OT). Consequently, hermeneutic models that advocate NT primacy, like the canonical or complementary approaches, do not consider context and progress of revelation in keeping with the literal grammatical-historical hermeneutic.


Requirements for Membership in the 1024 Project

Membership is not required to access any of the 1024 Project’s resources, however membership is required in order to write for the 1024 Project. In order to become a Contributing Member of the 1024 Project, candidates must (1) be in full agreement with the 1024 Project’s Two Key Distinctives, and (2) must submit a membership application and membership fee (fee is refunded in full if membership is not approved). To apply to be a Contributing Member of the 1024 Project, please click here.


How is the 1024 Project funded?

The 1024 Project is funded in several ways.

First, the 1024 Project is funded through the membership fees of its Contributing Members.

Second, the 1024 Project is funded through the generous gifts of those who believe in the mission of the 1024 Project. Because the 1024 Project is not a non-profit organization, gifts are not tax deductible.

Third, the 1024 Project is funded through advertising sponsorships. If you would like to advertise on the 1024 Project website, please contact